Notebook cover/ Ovitek za zvezek

Notebook cover.

Notebook cover.

Picture tutorial to make your own notebook cover.

You can make this notebook cover in a short time and with basic knowledge of sewing. It makes a nice gift and it can be used for a long time, since you can replace the notebook inside. Follow the pictures below (on each it says which step it is).

Step 1:

You have to cut two identical pieces of fabric. Be careful that you leave one centimeter and a half for the edge (which will be folded on the inside). When I’m sewing I don’t measure, so it’s hard to say how much you need – it depends on your notebook. Just be careful that it’s not too small.

Step 2:

Put the front sides of fabric “on the inside”, because you will turn it after you sew the edges. Pin the edges so you will make an even stitch.

Step 3:

I used a straight stitch as you see on the picture. Sew the edges where you marked it and leave one side of the rectangle so you can turn the fabric outside.

Step 4:

Iron the edges from the inside of the fabric so you will be able to sew on the edge easier.

Step 5:

Cut out two pieces of fabric and again leave one centimeter for the edge. You have to sew the right part of this small piece before you pin it on the left edge of the main fabric. You have to sew three edges of the rectangle and leave one pocket for the notebook.

Step 6:

Repeat on the left side, but this time, sew the left edge before you pin it on the main fabric. Leave on pocket for your notebook.

Step 7:

This should be it. Put the note book inside the pockets.

Step 8:

Instead of button or magnet to hold the covers I used leather string which I put through the rings of the note book and made a not in the middle of the fabric. The rest of the string you can put around the note book cover as many times you like (depends on the length of the string), and in the end make a loop.

Your new notebook cover is finished!  🙂


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