Knitted hat with color pattern/ Strikana kapa z barnim vzorcem


Knitted hat with color pattern

With this project I wanted to practice  my stranded/multi color/fair isle knitting. I had an idea in my mind about a “slowly decreasing” pattern that I saw somewhere. Because I couldn’t find it I asked my mother to help me, because she can just do her color patterns without any color charts. Together we made the following color pattern which I draw on knitting chart maker page, Tricksy Knitter.

For the hat I needed:

– 2/3 of Alpaca (100%) wool in light gray color (1 ball is 50g/caa. 110m)

– 2/3 of Alpaca, (100%) wool in purple color (1 ball is 50g/caa. 110m)

– circular needles no. 4 (you can use 3,5 for thicker design)

My chart

So how to do a hat like this following this particular color chart? I only draw on the pattern for 15 stitches, because you can continue it again and again as long as you want it. I casted on 85 stitches, so that means you repeat this pattern at least 5 times. Before I started the color design I made a few rows with only gray color and in the end a few rows of only purple one.

So for beginners, when you’re reading the color chart have in mind that you normally start with your knit rows (the right ones), because it’s easier this way. The first and the last square in the chart are white, because they stand for the first cast and the last cast on, which you don’t mix with your color design. Starting with your knit row, you have to read the chart from the right side to the left side. When you continue into the purl row, you read the color chart from the left to the right.

When you’re doing stranded knitting you should be careful that you don’t tight your yarn too much, because on the purl side you will get a lot of strings, that have to be loose. So always check how does the motif look on the purl side. This is the most important step, because if you have the strings on the purl side too tight, the pattern won’t stand out or your hat will be all messy 🙂

Purl side

Purl side of the hat

I hope this instructions help you! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask…

The model this time was Kaja Ivanetič!


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