Knitted hat with stripes/ Strikana kapa s crtami

Winter hat

Winter hat

Winter hat with stripes (pattern included)

Since the winter is coming we need hats!!
This time I made a hat on a request of a good friend.
I used:

– 1 ball and a half  of (100%) Sport superwash wool (1 ball is 50g/caa 125m) in dark gray color

– needles size 3,5

I also found a really nice “hat size calculator” to help me with the sizes. For normal adult head you need caa. 22 inches. I used normal stocking stitch pattern with additional 3 “stripes” in the beginning of the hat to make a pattern. So here you’re basically just changing knit rows and purl rows until you decide to make the stripe(s) – then you switch, where you should purl you knit and vice versa (I started in the 7th row).

Here is the pattern (because this is my first one you can freely ask me if you don’t understand something):

Round 1: Cast on 80 stitches

Round 2: Purl row

Rd.3: Knit, Rd.4: Purl, Rd.5: Knit, Rd.6: Purl, Rd.7: Purl, Rd.8: Knit, Rd.9: Purl, Rd.10: Purl, Rd.11: Knit, Rd.12: Purl, Rd.13: Purl, Rd.14: Knit, Rd.15: Knit, Rd.16: Purl, Rd.17: Knit, Rd.18: Knit, Rd.19: knit, Rd.20: Purl, Rd.21: Knit, Rd.22: Purl, Rd.23: Knit … continue in this order (purl row, knit row) until …

Rd. 76: Purl row

Rd.77: Cast off


– photos were taken on Golovec ridge in Ljubljana

– the model: Karmen Henigsman




5 thoughts on “Knitted hat with stripes/ Strikana kapa s crtami

  1. Did you use circular knitting needles? I don’t think you did but want to check. I really like the stripes and want to make a variation with the stripes then a popcorn stitch. Just curious and appreciate your work and the pattern! Thank you!

    • Hey, yes I did, I always use circular needles, I don’t know why, but it’s easier for me like this. I didn’t knit in a circle, though. I sewed the hat together at the end…
      Hope it helps 🙂

      • Thanks so much for the FAST response! I didn’t think you knit in the round since there were no decreases in the pattern. I can’t wait to get started on this one.

    • I just sewed this knitted rectangle together, I normally start with the top of the hat (I connect the sides to close the hat) and then continue down to the open side of the hat – there you just have to be careful that you sew the 3 stripes together so they fit

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