Knitted sweater/ Strikani pulover



Knitted sweater


I first wanted to make a short vest but then I’ve decided to make my first sweater… I needed a lot of time, since I improvised during the process, plus I wanted to learn  stranded knitting or. double color knitting, which in the end turned out to be quite easy. You need color charts in order to follow your design or you do it in my mother’s way – “by feeling” (po občutku) :). I find this charts easier than reading knitting patterns. I helped myself with different YouTube videos, you can just search under: Stranded knitting, Fair isle knitting, multi color knitting tutorials. When you think you understand “the point”, find color charts on internet that you like and try them.

I needed:

around 7 yarns of Sport superwash (100%) wool (1 ball is 50g/caa. 125m)

1/3 yarn of Alpaka (100%) wool in light grey color (1 ball is 50g/caa. 110m)

circular needles no. 4 (you can use 3,5 for more thicker design)


For the bottom part of the sweater I followed this color chart.

For the bottom part of the sleeves I used this color chart (only the star, without the edges), only here I repeated it more times:


How to do stranded knitting?

When you reed charts, have in mind, that you don’t knit/purl the first one – the chart doesn’t include the first cast on. Normally it’s easier to start your color design with a knit row. When you’re in a knit row, read the chart from right to left. When you’re doing the purl row, you read it from the left side to the right side. The white colors are your main color (in my case dark gray) and the black spots are the new color (I used light grey). It is really important to be careful with the strings on your purl side, when you’re knitting, be careful that they’re always loose, other wise your knitting gets ruined. Plus when you’re doing color charts it’s more important to count then otherwise…


– Photos were taken in Trnovo (Ljubljana), the model was Eva Gorišek


Good luck!


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