Knitted vest no.2/ Strikani brezrokavnik St.2

Knitted vest to make you warmer in the winter…

In blue

“Blue is the warmest color” 🙂



In my last post I made a stretchy vest which is really quick to make – if you use big needles :). This time I decided to make a similar one, a little bit shorter. The procedure is the same as in the previous post, only for the hand holes I made more (10) knit rows and casted on 19 new stitches.

I used a basic, stocking stitch which is a combination of purl and knit rows (in Slovenian this would be called the left and the right rows). I casted 50 stitches – you should start with a purl in the first row (that is, the left row). After few rounds, instead of making a knit row where I should, I made a purl row to get a pattern. Next round you continue normally. I repeated this style on both sides of the vest, as you can see in the picture.

I used:

– (less than) 2 balls of Macedonian VENA wool in blue color (70% acyril, 30% wool), one ball 225m

– needles no. 10  (I used bigger ones to make the vest more loose and light).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I know my instructions are not so specific, because normally I just knit or crochet without counting the rows, more “by the feeling”. So if you have any comment, feel free to do it!

– Since I’ve already made similar vest I’ve decided to make the gallery a little bit different. I’ve taken the color away from them 🙂

– The photos were taken at my home and the model was: Sandra Savič!



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