Crochet lace/ kvackana cipka

Crochet lace

Crochet lace

I found this crochet lace cloths at home and really liked it so I decided to sew it onto my new black t-shirts which I found really cheap. This is really fast and easy to make.

You just have to sew the top edge (I used a sewing machine) and few corners so the cloth is not moving. I folded the crochet lace cloth a little bit, but you could also leave a whole circle.

In the other shirt with long sleeves I decided to cut out the fabric underneath the lace once I sewed it onto the shirt with the machine. You could also leave it, but then you don’t see it if it’s the same color.

Anyway, you really have a lot of things to do with this crochet laces and whatever you do, looks really nice and elegant.


– Photos by Žiga Gorišek

3 thoughts on “Crochet lace/ kvackana cipka

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  2. Really cool idea. I inherited a heap of lace doillies from my mother and obviously reluctant to throw them away. Now there’s a chance they’ll see the light of day again. Thanks!

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