Knitted vest wrap/ Strikani brezrokavnik


or a brooch

Lightly knitted vest wrap.

This vest is really nice, because it can be worn in many different options (see the gallery below).

I used simple knitting technique – stocking stitch (knit row, purl row), casting on 60 stitches. The idea is to make a rectangle with 2 holes for your arms. The length depends of your size (and the size you want), I was doing mine according to my body, without measuring. When I decided to make the first hole I made 7 knit rows, casted on 19 stitches and then continued with knit row. When you start to purl it gets a little bit messy but just at the part of the arms. You have to do the same when making the second hole.

I used:

2 balls of Macedonian VENA wool in purple color (70% acyril, 30% wool), one ball 225m

needles no. 10  (I used bigger because I wanted the vest wrap to be more loose).


The size of my vest:

The measurements are approximate, because the texture of the vest is really stretchy.

Length: app. 144cm

Width: app. 70cm

The length between both arm holes: app. 40-42 cm

All in all I needed one week – ten days to make it.
Enjoy the knitting and see you soon!

– photos were taken in Sarajevo, Bosnia in an old tram site.

– gallery by Žiga Gorišek



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