Drawstring backpack/ nahrbtnik

How to make an easy drawstring summer backpack from an old shirt?

DIY drawstring backpack

Long time no see!

It’s been mostly raining these days, so its kind of hard to be outside in the air, but at least I don’t have any more excuses for not creating. Slowly I’m finally returning into the mood for “doing something with my hands” 🙂

So how to make a simple drawstring backpack? You can do it really fast.
You only need:

a shirt, 3m cotton string (mine is 4mm in width) and sewing equipment.

I didn’t make a tutorial because there’s plenty of them on the internet. I tried to do mine without any help, but still I was helping myself with this one. Instead of new fabric I used an old jeans shirt from which I used the back side of it for the backpack “fabric”. Before sewing the both sides of the backpack I cut out the button line from the shirt, sewed the line together and sewed it on the front side of the backpack, to make it more interesting.

It’s really an easy sewing, but the result is fast and useful! I did it in approximately 2 hours.

Enjoy the sewing!

This time different model, different photographer, different location:

– pictures were taken above my village in an old abandoned school

– model: Sandra Savič, photos: by me.


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