Knitted hat/ Strikana kapa

Knitted winter hat

Knitted winter hat

My first knitting project! Simple knitting hat for beginners.


This is the first post after a long time, I think after 3-4 months for sure. I had a sort of creativity crisis 🙂

After 4 years of crocheting I’ve decided to practice on my knitting. The easiest idea seemed to be a hat. It is made with the basic knitting: knit row and purl row, the combination that is called the stocking stitch. Basically I casted on 94 stitches and then continued this pattern all the way to the end. Close to the end of the project I started narrowing the hat by knitting two stitches at the same time on 3 or 4 parts of the line (only on knit stitch or knit row). Hats are normally knitted in the round but for the learning I think its ok to make a rectangle and sew it together in the end. For the final touch I made a crochet top.

As I’m not an expert in knitting and also I was learned by my mother I think it’s better to see some videos on Youtube or instructions or some portals. For me crocheting is much easier but this project is good to learn or improve the knitting so that you get used of the moves.

The photo gallery was made on the ruins of winter olympic (1984) bobsleigh track in Sarajevo.

Photos by: Žiga Gorišek

enjoy the knitting 🙂


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