Crochet – knitted top/ Kvackano strikani bolero

DIY crochet – knitted summer top

Short crochet top for the summer!

I started to make this crochet bolero with a pattern that I found on internet (click here). Somewhere in between I got lost and I finished only to phase 14. Then I didn’t know what to do with this crochet flower that was already finished.

At the end I decided to make a short crochet top with a little help from my mother. She knits really nice things and she’s a real fast knitter, so I asked her to make 2 pieces for both sides of this top. After this was made the real work started because I had to connect this three unconnected pieces together. I did that by connecting the flower with crochet on the back side of bolero – sort of free style crochet 🙂

First I connected the bottom part and at the end I had to make the strings. I made one big string from wool and sewed it on the front side of bolero and connected it with the flower on the back. It turned out to be really short, so it will be for summer nights …

This was more of improvisation project, so don’t mind the mistakes 🙂

˜ photos by Žiga Gorišek


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