Crochet lace jeans/ Kavbojke s kvackano cipko

Ready to wear!

Crochet lace jeans

Here is picture and text tutorial to decorate your old jeans into crochet lace shorts.

There is a lot of things to do with crochet lace cloths – I used mine to decorate my old jeans which I cut to shorts. I really like to crochet but this fine crochet lace is to small for me (and my eyes) so I don’t have enough motivation. That’s why it’s easier just to look around the house for these small crochet lace cloths that are everywhere… 🙂

I already posted crochet lace t-shirts, but this project took more time and patience since I sew the crochet on jeans by hand.

What you need:

Old jeans or already made shorts, thread, needle, crochet lace cloths, pins.

Step 1:

Cut your jeans to the size you like. I cut mine not too short because I wanted them to have few centimeters for the edges and folding.

Step 2:

Look around the house and find crochet lace cloths you like. The best are the thin ones which are easier to sew on the jeans or other fabric.

Step 3:

Pin the edges so they won’t tear. You can also choose a specific thread that can fit the color of the crochet lace.

Step 4:

Here are the settings of my sewing machine. Straight stitch, length: 1,5, tension of the thread is around 7.

Step 5: After you sew the edges, fold them again and pin them.

Step 6: Sew again on the stitches – this is it.

Step 7: From these step forward I didn’t sew with the sewing machine because my crochet lace was to thin and I also wanted to be really careful with what I’m doing. Cut out different pieces of the crochet lace and sew it on different parts of your jeans shorts.

8: First detail is finished!



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