Tobacco/ herb pouch – Torbice za tobak in zelisca

Cotton tobbaco pouch and bag for herbs.

Since the spring is coming (very slowly), I decided to post my cotton/ flax hand crafts from last summer (2012).

I planted a lot of different herbs beside all that grow in the forest anyway. After I dried them I sew different bags that you can put between your clothes (lavender and rosemary are really good) or use them for cooking. These little bags are easy to make – I was making them when I was still learning how to use my sewing machine. You just have to fold a piece of fabric and sew the edges.

The tobacco bag is a little bit difficult since you have to cut different size fabric pieces and make a zipper. This was my first time to sew on the buttons with a machine so it was more like a test. The important thing is that you have to sew the pockets separately and then sew them on the main piece of fabric. I made the big pocket with a zipper for tobacco and little pockets for filters, lighter, papers etc.

You could use the same bag for something else (like clips, hair accessories, …).

I wish you a lot of inspiration!


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