Crochet flower bag/ Torbica iz rozic

Crochet flower bag,   photo Žiga Gorišek

Crochet flower bag, photo Žiga Gorišek

A guide on how to make cute little bag/purse with flowers for spring days wich are coming, …

I have made this crochet flower bag with 4 different colors of yarn but if you want to add more colors I think it can be even better. I made little mollie flowers with this tutorial (click here).

For the inside I used a mixed fabric of cotton and flax and sew little pockets for credit cards. At the and, before you sew the fabric on your purse, you can add a magnet on the inside – I think it’s easier to use than a zipper (it is harder to sew because of the flowers).

That’s it – you can use it as a purse, wallet or as a vanity bag for your make up!



21 thoughts on “Crochet flower bag/ Torbica iz rozic

  1. This is really lovely!
    I wonder, could you tell me how you attached the lining to the flowers?
    I was thinking that it might be just around the top but wasn’t sure how strong that was.
    Thanks so much suki

    • Hey, thank you.

      I attached the lining first to the flowers and then i oversewed that again when attaching the metal clutch. Otherwise I also sewed a little bit the bottom edges of the lining (on the left and right side).

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  4. I love this……..I am currently finishing up an afghan made out of Mollie flowers. I am going to make some of these little bags for my friends. I love the idea of the magnet closier too. Thanks for the tutorial.

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