Mosaic/ Mozaik

Diy mosaic

Diy mosaic

I started to work on my first mosaic a year ago, when my brother asked me to decorate his kitchen. Instead of normal tiles that we use in kitchens we wanted to make a mosaic over the sink, so you can still secure the wall. I had free hands and the only thing I had to be careful about was a little window over the sink.

I used pieces of broken tiles that you can get in any shop with material, tools, etc., if you ask there to show you tiles wich are damaged. Because they can’t sell them you can get them for free and at home brake them however you want. The only thing you need is glue for ceramics (I used Nivedur), a little stick to put the glue on your tiles and tile gap mass. You have it many colors…

I worked on this project for several months because the size of mosaic is pretty big and also it is hard to stay in this kind of working position for many hours. But it’s really a kind of meditation. I hope that it gives you inspiration so that you can decorate your kitchen in any way you want! Good luck


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